• Ian Dinsmore

COVID-19 Digital Marketing Checklist

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Before we get into this, know one thing – I get it. It’s hard enough to find the motivation to write this blog post let alone start to think about the future of our business. I’ve found myself in a weekly existential funk – finding different ways to distract myself from the reality outside all our collective front doors. Business and marketing in the time of COVID-19 is obviously challenging. But because of that, perhaps we can do things better. Perhaps there are many ways we can learn from this and when we all emerge, be better for it.

So, I’ve started working on a checklist, one I will add to sporadically, that I hope can help drive our marketing brains forward. Right now, as we quarantine in our homes and apartments, let’s look toward the future and the best way we can approach our marketing efforts.

The COVID-19 Marketing Checklist:

Get Your House in Order

Website neglect is just something that happens over time. When a business begins acquiring customers – often public-facing marketing channels go by the wayside. That includes Google business listings, Yelp pages, social media accounts, and of course your website. Right now, stuck in our homes, is the perfect time to ensure your information is correct. For search engines, these large-scale listings will rank ahead of your website. Find your account information on whatever post-it note you wrote it on near your computer and ensure your business info is correct. There is nothing more embarrassing than seeing your listing on Google with a misspelled proprietor’s name, or an address with an extra 3 at the end.

Play the Long Game – SEO is An Investment in Your Future

SEO has never been the sexiest form of digital marketing – that’s because it’s a lot of work for long term gain. Right now, from our kitchen tables, it is the best time to begin optimizing for your future. SEO acts as a buoy or foundation for your website. Begin by crafting content about your business, tell your customers the story of how it was conceived – or simply what you have to offer! Build a basic blog to allow yourself the freedom to tell these stories. Soon enough – the keywords that you use in your content will begin to rank in search engines, making you and your services easier to find. Accessibility is key via search engines and while you won’t see the impact of SEO right away, months, and years down the road you’ll be happy you put the time in.

Share Your Gains, Struggles, and Frustrations via Social Media

Whether we like it or not, we are all in this together. Many of our businesses are just flat closed, restaurants are serving their customers via takeout or delivery, or if we can, we are telecommuting. And while we will slowly emerge in stages – our lives are surely changed moving forward. With that knowledge of our new reality, you can use social media to share how this has impacted you. Film an Instagram story explaining your business in our new COVID-19 reality for example. Marketing isn’t just business listings and advertising – it’s about a human connection. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zoom calls – these all facilitate connection and make it easy to share our changes, air our grievances, and start to pick up the pieces.

Truth be told – there is no silver bullet for marketing your business during COVID-19, but we can continue to do our best. Lean on the human connections that built your business in the first place. These connections will lead us out of the fog and back to a semblance of normality.

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