Big Man and the Little Guy, what's that name all about?

We know, it's an unusual name, but it has some meaning for us. BMLG has two founders, Ian and Richard, Ian is 6'4", Richard is not. Secondly, until recently, we had two great dogs in our lives, one of them was a big guy, one is not. But on a serious note, the name also explains the type of businesses we want to work with.

We're a local marketing agency. To many people, local marketing means small business marketing. We want to change that. Firstly, we're not big fans of the term 'small business', and don't get us started on Mom and Pop business and definitely not 'lifestyle business'. Owners and managers of business of all sizes, big or little, pour their life into making their business work. We are, and we want to help you do so too. Secondly, local marketing doesn't only apply to individual outlets. It might be a small chain of stores or restaurants with a half dozen outlets or it might be McDonald's or Costco, each outlet, each store, needs its own local marketing to sit alongside the brand marketing. 

So there it is, we want to work with both the Big man and with the Little Guy, and there's some fun in there too. In time we'll build this page out with proper profiles of Richard and Ian but for now, here's a quick intro:

Ian is a Washington State native and Richard is a Brit who's lived in the Seattle area since 2013. They both now live in Burien WA. Richard has been running marketing agencies for twenty years. Ian has barely been working for twenty years but he's spent his time in the marketing teams of some of the worlds best brands including Amazon, REI, and Expedia. Get in touch, we're normal people, we can help you and your business.