Local Marketing for Businesses Big or Little 

Local marketing means finding customers who come from the area surrounding your business.


Born in the time of Covid, we created Big Man and the Little Guy based on simple concepts – straight-talking, honesty, value, and an understanding of the needs of business owners and managers. We are driven by the need for success - including ours of course - but we understand that we only achieve that by bringing success to our clients.

We're a new type of agency - small, lean, and hungry. We're not selling tech or a platform, we won't confuse you with talk of SEO and attribution. We know how those things work so you don't have to. Talk to us today about how your business can survive and thrive through 2020 and beyond. 

What we do 

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy sounds complex but we will demystify it for you. What type of customers do you want, where can you reach them and what do you need to say to them? 

Digital Marketing

So, you have a website but is it working as hard for you as it should be? Does Google know you, can your customers easily find you? What about social media? Does your local community truly know you?

Traditional Marketing

Direct mail, radio, outdoor promotions, sponsorships and much more can be used to attract and engage more local customers. We will ensure that your business has the right mix.


Free Marketing Consultation

If your business has been affected by Covid, and really, they all have, we're offering a completely free half-hour marketing consultation. Talk to us about your business and we'll go over some marketing ideas for you, for free. Maybe you'll work with us after, maybe you won't, it's all good.